func X3.EN_SALE_CLOSE_ORDER(Char ORDER_IN, Integer LINE_IN, Integer SEQUENCE_IN, Char REASON_IN) : Tinyint

Allows you to close a line or an entire sales order.

  • ORDER_IN Char Order number to close
  • LINE_IN Integer Numéro SOPLIN number of order line to balance (or 0 if complete order)
  • SEQUENCE_IN Integer Numéro SOQSEQ number of command line to balance (or 0 if complete command)
  • REASON_IN Char Order reason according to miscellaneous table 201
Return Tinyint 1 if OK and 0 if not

func X3.EN_SALE_CLOSE_ORDER("SOWFR0110003", 0, 0, "CUS")
Balance the complete order SOWFR0110003 with the balance reason "CUS"