func X3.EN_DEV_LINK_OPEN(Clbfile URL_IN, Integer HEIGHT_IN, Integer WIDTH_IN, Integer CLOSING_TIME_IN) : Tinyint

Allows to open any type of url on the user's browser

  • URL_IN Clbfile Url to open (http:, ftp:, mailto:, ...)
  • HEIGHT_IN Integer Height of the pop-up in pixels (or 0)
  • WIDTH_IN Integer Width of the pop-up in pixels (or 0)
  • CLOSING_TIME_IN Integer Time in seconds for automatic closing (or 0)
Return Tinyint 1 if OK and 0 otherwise

func X3.EN_DEV_LINK_OPEN("", 500, 500, 10)
Opens a 500*500 pixel pop-up on the Toolbox X3 site which closes after 10 seconds

func X3.EN_DEV_LINK_OPEN(" for info&body=Email body", 300, 300, 1)
Opens a 300*300 pixel pop-up which closes automatically after one second and opens the user's email manager preparing an email for