func X3.EN_FTP_LIST(Char SERVER_IN, Integer PORT_IN, Shortint IS_SFTP_IN, Char KEY_IN, Char PUBKEY_IN, Char CERT_IN, Char CACERT_IN, Char CERT_PASS_IN, Char LOGIN_IN, Char PASS_IN, Char DIRECTORY_IN, Char() LIST_OUT) : Integer

Allows you to list the entire directory of an FTP server (directories, files, . and ..)

  • SERVER_IN Char Name or IP of the server to connect to
  • PORT_IN Integer Port number to connect to (or 0 for default port)
  • IS_SFTP_IN Shortint 1 if the server is an SFTP, 0 if it is an FTP
  • KEY_IN Char Url to key file if necessary or ""
  • PUBKEY_IN Char Url to public key file if necessary or ""
  • CERT_IN Char Url to certificate file if necessary or ""
  • CACERT_IN Char Url to authority certificate file if necessary or ""
  • CERT_PASS_IN Char Certificate password if necessary or ""
  • LOGIN_IN Char Server connection ID
  • PASS_IN Char Server connection password
  • DIRECTORY_IN Char Remote directory to list
  • LISTE_OUT Char() Variable containing in return the list of elements found
Return Integer The number of items found

# Connection to the sftp server on port 2222 with the user user1 and list of the directory /home/user1/reppub
Local Char LIST(255)(200)

If func X3.EN_FTP_LIST("", 2222, 1, "", "","", "", "", "user1", "p@ss0ne", "/home/user1/reppub", LIST)
Infbox LIST(0) - LIST(1) - LIST(2)
Infbox [V]GX3ERR